Project assignments of Logic and Combinatorics

Handed in projects are to be found here .

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  1. Project: Compton Survey, Sections 3 and 4.
    Gadi Aleksandrowicz: gadial -at- cs, graduate Ph.D.
    Nadia Labai: sndlabai -at-, undergrad
  2. Project: 0-1 laws for ESOL
    Iddo Bentov: idddo -at- cs, graduate M.Sc.
    Haggai Eran: haggaie -at- cs, graduate M.Sc.
  3. Project: Compton Survey, Section 6
    Shaked Flur: fshaked -at- cs, graduate M.Sc.
    Alex Markuze: markuzea -at-, undergrad
  4. Project: Kotek-Makowsky paper
    Daniel Genkin: danielg3 -at- cs, graduate M.Sc.
    Ofir David: sofirdav -at-, undergrad
  5. Project: 0-1 law for existential monadic second order logic: Counter examples
    Meirav Zehavi: meizeh -at-, graduate M.Sc.
  6. Project: Pikhurko-Verbitsky paper
    Alon Aviel: alon_aviel -at-
    Pavel Furman: spavel89 -at-, undergrad
    Pavel Furman: pfp1989 -at-
  7. Project: DU-index
    Hani Ayoub: hani.ayoub -at-, undergrad
    Hani Ayoub: suse -at-,

    No Projects yet

  8. Asaf Oren: sao -at-, undergrad