Logic and Combinatorics Research Seminar (238901)

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Lecturer: J.A. Makowsky and participants

Time: Thursday, 12:30-14:30

Place: Taub 201

Course requirements: Seminar presentation or final project

Prerequisites: Logic and Sets, some familiarity with graph theory and combinatorics.


  1. Unimodality of graph polynomials. Links and directions for the project.
  2. The matching polynomial on grids. Discussion of explicit formulas and recurrence relations.

Seminar notes

We use the slides from 2012-13 resp. 2009-10.

Logical Methods in Combinatorics, planned outline.

The topics marked (*) will be covered as much as time permits.

Logical Methods

Applications to combinatorics (*)


  1. H.D. Ebbinghaus and J. Flum and W. Thomas, Mathematical Logic, 2nd edition, 1994
  2. J. Spencer, The Strange Logic of Random Graphs, Springer, 2001
  3. B. Bollobas, Modern Graph Theory, Springer, 1998
  4. R. Diestel, Graph Theory, Springer, 3rd edition, 2005
  5. L. Lovasz, Large Networks and Graph Limits, AMS Colloquium Publications, volume 60, 2012
  6. Original papers to be listed


The Graph Polynomial Project, funded ISF project, grant No. ISF 1392/07.